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the end of ends

new year's eve was pretty low key. after working two straight shifts of 9 a.m.-12 a.m. and then 9 a.m.-9 p.m. on new years eve itself, i just decided i want to go home and go to sleep. didn't care about parties, didn't care about getting/being drunk somewhere i didn't feel like being at etc etc. the soundtrack to my new year's eve was the haunted "made me do it". awesome record. shit is brutal.

while waiting for the train, i saw this group of girls all hanging out. then they started to take pictures in the train station. who the fuck does shit like this? it seriously smells like piss down there at the 30th street stop. bums hang out down there and other general weirdos. terrible. i cared too much about listening to the haunted to take my earphones off and call them whores and tell them i hoped they all got aids this year. needless to say, i thought about it inside of my fucked up, miserable brain. yes it made me laugh inside. yes i am an asshole. proud of it.

went home, went to sleep.

new year's day was spent being lazy. watched the winter classic, hung out with oren and carla. went home, went to sleep again since i had to work in the morning. work was basically boring as shit. at least i got paid to sit on my ass all day, go on the internet, listen to music and read. awesome.

worked on saturday. same as friday. just more boring then the day before.

hung out with ma dukes last night. got some dinner, then put together my bookshelf.

getting started on my chest piece. first tattoo of the new year. big things to come.
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